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Mediation and Negotiation

Negotiation is the process of searching for an agreement that satisfies various parties. An agreement may be reached either through a barter or through real negotiation. A barter allows only one party, the one in a position of power, to ‘win’. The other party is forced to accept something of lesser value. A real negotiation implies a ‘win-win’ situation in which all parties are satisfied.

Mediation is the attempt to help parties in a disagreement to hear one another, to minimise the harm that can come from disagreement (eg hostility or ‘demonising’ of the other parties) to maximise any area of agreement, and to find a way of preventing the areas if disagreement from interfering with the process of seeking a compromise or mutually agreed outcome.

Focused on Customer Service Quality

To be competitive, we must satisfy the customer. In order to be more competitive, we must delight the customer. Quality is defined here as the measure of customer delightment. To delight the customer, we must design for quality.